ZANOS d.o.o. Zaštitno nadzorni sustav

Company ZANOS d.o.o. Zaštitno nadzorni sustav from Zagreb, deals with Education, Safety at work, Fire protection
Safety at Work, Fire protection, Education
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10000 Zagreb, HR
Area: Špansko
Telephone: 01 / 3884915
Responsible person: Željko Sven Bukovski

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About us

We are a young team composed of a compound of experience and youth. We are a dynamic and we went after the previous projects to a single new project of construction of new more dynamic and more client-facing services. How our services are part of a very dynamic and growing market of services related to a variety of certification, attesting to the quality and monitoring of processes in various areas, it was necessary to gather an experienced team that can respond to the diverse requirements of our clients. How is a collection of the experiences of all of us in the team together very rich and extending each other's we are able to offer a very broad lepezuusluga that we have already odrađivali with different clients through previous projects during our work in the area of what we do. We have worked with a lot of big companies in the Republic of Croatia (as the carriers of projects or team members in the former companies) and are the valuable experience and to make it easier to work with large companies and easier of offering new services.

Contact and location (ZANOS d.o.o. Zaštitno nadzorni sustav)

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