ANGOR SERVISI d.o.o. is company from Zagreb, Travno with businesses Car parts, Auto services
Car parts, Car service
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10000 Zagreb, HR
Area: Travno
Telephone: 01 / 7788511
Responsible person: Goran Anđelić

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Manufacture of other parts and accessories for motor vehicles. We are specialized service for reparations and repairing electrical and mechanical power steering, molding the steering wheel, power steering pumps, pliers and brake cylinders. We keep current Exchange Your faulty parts (steering, power steering pump, brake caliper, brake cylinder) for already repaired if we have it in stock. If we don't, we offer reparation of your adopted within 1 day, for larger procedures 2 days (chromium plating with). In stock we have over 20,000 models of furniture for reparation for either personal or commercial vehicles, over a hundred of ready-made repaired laths ready for the current installation, over 300 brake jawbone and hundreds of ready-made, repaired the power steering pump.

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Losa reparacija

Kljesta nakon vase reparacije klijesta cure Ko stara kanta. Jednom tjedno bi vozio auto na pranje I nisam primjetio da je pojelo farbu na obje zadnje felge. Vlasnik servisa kaze:"smece u sistemu". Pa kako onda prednja NE cure a nisu ih oni reklamirali. LP!

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