BENKO KOTRULJIĆ d.o.o. is company from Zagreb, Trešnjevka with businesses Consulting, Bookkeeping and accounting services
Accounting services, Business consulting
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10000 Zagreb, HR
Area: Trešnjevka
Telephone: 01 / 3845222
Responsible person: Vedran Gavrilović

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The company was founded in 1990. year, and is engaged in providing accounting services to companies. A team of experts, most of whom are highly educated, consists of two authorized Auditors, six authorized three accountants, certified accounting forensics, and one investment advisor. Benko Koturljić provides services to regional multinational companies, the domestic financial industry but also to foreign companies. Since how this company's customers operate in different areas of legislative, provides services to regula in Croatian and English language. Services are performed on the premises of the company, or in the premises of the customer, depending on the spatial separation. When performing work assignments, are used to separate the accounting programs, or programs to clients, with the obligation of the client are always at your disposal up to date data and information.

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