ELEKTROPROJEKT dd Zagreb, Centar, for design, consulting and engineering in the fields of power generation, construction, transport
architectural design, Power devices and systems, Construction work
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10000 Zagreb, HR
Area: Vrbik
Telephone: 01 / 6307777
Fax: 01 / 6152685, 01 / 6152686, 01 / 6152687
Responsible person: Davor Paradžik
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Other info
Foundation year: 1949
OIB: 48197173493
Employees: 100

Working hours

Pon - Pet : 8:00 - 16:00
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Average rating:  4,54 / 5 (Ratings number: 13)

About us

Elektroprojekt renders services in all stages of construction and operation of facilities. In planning and preconstruction stages, the company prepares all types of studies and programmes required for the development of projects, strategies or plans, all types of design documentation and performs compliance assessment of design documentation. Elektroprojekt provides project management, supervision and site organisation services, and develops quality assurance and commissioning programmes during the construction stage. For the operating facilities, the company prepares maintenance, repair and reconstruction documentation, creates programmes and implements performance measurements and monitoring.

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